National Initiative to Create Employment

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The National Initiative to Create Employment (NICE) was born out of the need to reduce the island's current unemployment figures by generating job opportunities for the people of St. Lucia. 

Our approach is simple: place people in positions that are available once their skills match that of the job requirements, and work with the Public and Private Sectors to create additional jobs.  Our primary objective therefore is to put people to work while at the same time reducing our level of unemployment in this country.

If you are seeking employment, we advise that you complete one of our application forms either online at or your may collect one from our office on the second floor of the Blue Coral Shopping Mall on Bridge Street, Castries.  Once complete, with picture ID and CV (optional) attached, your application will be entered in our database.  Should a position become available in your area of expertise, training or experience, NICE will contact you.  However, the final decision to hire lies solely with the organisation or company seeking employees.

For more information on the National Initiative to Create Employment (NICE) visit our website or like us on Facebook:

If you are currently unemployed, feel free to increase your chances of landing a job by filling in one of our application forms.